Monday, May 16, 2011

Vouched Reading: 5/15/11

Another excellent Vouched Presents... Reading put on by the super cool Christopher Newgent. Two of my (former) professors at Ball State University, Jill Christman and Peter Davis, read, along with Ball State grad Kyle Winkler and touring poet Michael Shiavo. As usual, a really fun reading to be in attendance for.

I hadn't heard of Kyle until Christopher vouched this story a short while back. I dig this piece a bunch. Kyle introduced himself to me after the reading, and he seemed like an enthusiastic, good dude. Though he is not on Facebook (?).

Michael Shiavo, whom I'd read poems from around the web and printworld, read from a couple of his books along with some new pieces. I really dig the idea using found text and erasures like he did for many of these pieces, though not all of his work stuck with me. He does have a new chapbook out from Forklift, which is a great press.

Jill Christman read an essay called "The Margarita Game," which was published in Barrelhouse awhile back. It was a surprisingly, yet fantastic piece, about being a grad student, figuring out relationships, and growing up. For some reason, I have never seen Jill read, nor have I read her book, Darkroom, which is certainly in my to-read pile this summer.

Peter Davis read from his two books and some new poems. He is always a riot with a strong undercurrent of AWWWYEAHMAN. I count myself lucky to have had a poetry workshop with him.

Well, I just wanted to say HEY I WENT THERE AND THIS WAS COOL. So I did.

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