Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Friend Layne said this and I think it's a nice reminder (to all of us)

Okay, here is a thing: if you are a Christian in the U.S., especially anything approximating evangelical or mainline Protestant, as far as religion is concerned you are not an oppressed minority. You are part of a powerful majority, and there is nothing wrong with the simple fact of belonging to a powerful majority. In fact, acknowledging that seems like a healthy, self-aware thing to do. But employing rhetoric that paints Christians in this country overall as a minority voice, or victims of a society that increasingly acknowledges and enforces the fairness of not respecting one religious establishment over another (or none at all), or victims of a society that increasingly examines and critiques religious ideas just as it does ideas from all other disciplines, is deceitful regarding your own privileged religious position. Better than looking for trivial ways to make martyrs of yourselves, use the influence you have to help the less privileged, religiously or otherwise -- a sentiment I'm grateful I did hear many times in sermons when I was still part of that privileged majority myself.

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