Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I was driving home from visiting my ex-wife, feeling kinda lonely, having this stupid headache, and I thought about offering the world the chance to have me call them and read them some of my favorite poems (or my own, I guess if they want or something).

So here's the deal: if you want (and it's cool if you don't), choose the poet below and email (gobble.tyler@gmail.com) or Facebook message me your phone number, poet, and availability between now and January 3. I'll call you and talk awkwardly and read you the poems and wish you happy holidays. YOU DESERVE IT.

Dean Young
Mairead Byrne
Tony Hoagland
Kenneth Koch
Heather Christle
Daniel Bailey
Peter Davis
Matt Hart
Jennifer Knox
David Berman
Frank O'Hara
Dorianne Laux
John Ashbery
Kevin Young
Lynn Emanuel
Susan Mitchell
Thomas Patrick Levy
Bob Hicok
Edward Mullany
Mike Young
Jason Bredle
Mark Neely
Wallace Stevens
Charles Simic
David Shumate
Or basically anyone you want that I like.

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