Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gravity is Still Everywhere is a great title!

I am giving to one Kickstarter per month starting now! People gripe about Kickstarter and fundraising and lifeislame. I am thinking if it is getting so much goodness made then I am great with it.

First one was an easy choice! Metavari, that chill and hip-shakin-worthy Indiana band, has grand plans for their next record. They are one of those bands that doesnt immediate appeal to me--sorry sorry I gravitate towards grit and loud voices--yet every time I hear a Metavari song or see them live, I think I am an idiot. Super solid musicians and moving songs. (check out some songs here.)

From the Kickstarter--
We describe ourselves as making "electronic music in a basement with a collection of salvaged synthesizers, man-made triggers and a video camera." And that just about sums us up. Four best buds who have been making music since 2006. We perform every song along side videos we've collected or shot and edited along the way. We wouldn't trade it for the world.

In 2012, we want to put out an album that cheerfully encompasses all the pain and all the hope that comes with losing sight in something. We're calling it Gravity is Still Everywhere.
We want to deliver it to you on vinyl. Packaged better than we've ever packaged a recording. We're hand-picking instruments we want to make the focus of this next chapter of story telling. Gravity is Still Everywhere will be released with a currently unnamed second LP—an ambient companion to the album. We've been writing all Winter. We'll mix all Spring. And by Fall, Gravity is Still Everywhere will be in your hands.

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