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Bunch Of Pals Asking Me Questions: Part 2

Who is your favorite NBA player of all time (and you can't say Michael Jordan)? - Ryan Rader

Scottie Pippen, hands down. As a kid, I was amazed by how well he played the sidekick role, how he did lots of things soooo well, yet never was THE GUY (okay, the MJ baseball years, he tried, man, he tried). I've always been impressed with hoopsters who can guard nearly every position, can seem comfortable in whatever position they need to be in, can fill up a stat sheet. And yes, I now realize probably he was a little jealous or something, but he got his rings and his Olympic stuff and his Hall of Fame spot. And most of the time, he was the second best player on the floor, and that is perfectly cool.

Just for kicks, My All-Time Team Made Up Of Players I've Actually Watched Play: PG- Steve Nash, SG- Brandon Roy, SF- Scottie Pippen, PF- Lamar Odom , C- Shaq

What is the pull/draw of elliptical poetry, which is your mode? What does it risk that other modes don't? - Todd McKinney

I’m in Layne’s living room and there it is an elliptical machine, a basic model, no fancy buttons or beeps, but the churn churn legs, and you’re absolutely right. This “elliptical” type deal is what I do. It’s how I live. It’s how I think. So, it is how I write.

First, my mom owned it. Then, I got married and she gave it to my wife. Then, I got divorced. My ex-wife didn’t want it, so I gave it to my best friend. Each person using it differently (my mom like a coatrack, Layne like a soapbox car going uphill). And me in my pjs staring at it each day, each place, each person in some far off place.

As far as the risks, I think it risks becoming too esoteric, too much of a self-centered process, too much of a stupid running circle that people don’t give a shit, don’t find relevance, don’t want anything from it. I think the reward for this risk though, hopefully, can be the personality shining through, the poet’s thinking being so wild and wacky and going-going that otherwise distant thoughts and perceptions get written in nice letters. It risks its audience so that maybe the speaker/writer and the audience can find something together!

Did I not answer the draw part? The draw is that it might be the only way I can write and feel like I’m being true to the T-Gob. It is what falls out of this dummy head of mine.

What are three things that help you write things you like? - Layne Ransom

  1. See the writing process answer
  2. READING IS CRUCIAL TO WRITING DUH. As I’ve become more into small press literature and working with Vouched Books, I read a lot of new books, as well as the new-to-me stuff that classes/friends presented. However, it is really important to me to return to those books that have seriously shaped my writing, or caused me to want to write in the first place, or remind me why I continue to write: Dean Young, Frank O’Hara, The Drunk Sonnets,
  3. Doing shit. I had a coworker today say, You do a lot. Without hobbies, without wandering, without friend time, what the hell would I write about? What the hell would I live for?

Who is your favorite bartender of all time (and you can't say Michael Jordan)? - Ryan Rader

The Nicks. Nick (?) at Savage’s. Nick Teaford at Be Here Now.

What would be the critical analysis of your poems with dance? More specifically, what kind of dance are your poems? Basically, will you dance with me? - Mike Krutel

Maybe, maybe hopefully, it is as weird of a dance as that.

Or maybe my poems dance a little awkwardly, but that's just because it's a slow hump, and that gets the point across I guess.

Or maybe my poems dance like that dreadlocked guy I used to see at Fairfield Church hardcore shows, floor punching and spin kicking.

Probably they're a little too flustered to dance, but if they get up the courage, they'll surely dance with you!

Who in the indie lit community do you look up to most? - Laura Straub

Matt Bell - the commitment and work ethic yet still a real good human being
Ashley Farmer - She's the nicest person I've met in this scene and that counts for a lot in my book, people! Not to mention a freaking rad writer, that ability to be poetic and tell a cool story.
Mike Young - absolute for real wild mind
Roxane Gay - editor of one of my favorite journals and presses; serious blogger across the topics
J.A. Tyler - He is real! And he is relentless!
Heather Christle - The closest thing I've ever seen to lit magic.
Ryan Ridge - His ability to write across genres and to be funny or serious or neither or something wild.
Brian Oliu - Made me rethink "the essay;" is a constant online presence and still gets good writing to come out of his head; able to write "series" so well and that is something I am interested in doing.

Viscosity questions - Lauren Lowe

1. Thick or thin salsa? THICK
2. Thick or thin BBQ sauce? THICK

3. Chunky or creamy peanut butter? Creamy…and gotta be natural.

4. Maple syrup or honey? No contest: honey. Smash up a banana, drop a couple globs of creamy natural PB and a handful a raisins on top and soak in honey. BOOYEAH BREAKFAST.

5. Body wash or bar of soap? I still haven’t figured out how to use a bar of soap effectively.
6. Do you always squeeze your toothpaste from the bottom of the tube? I’m a mid-tube kinda dude.

7. Milkshake or sundae? Milkshake for its go-ability!
8. Bile, phlegm, urine, or blood? Ha. For what? Are we still talking about eating? My own or others? BLOOOOOD

9. Thick as thieves?


Thick as Thieves (1998 film), a film directed by Scott Sanders

Thick as Thieves (2009 film), a film directed by Mimi Leder starring Morgan Freeman

Thick as Thieves (1991 film), a Canadian film featuring Tony Munch

Thick as Thieves, a 1999 pornographic film starring Buddy Jones


Thick as Thieves, a Hardy Boys Casefiles novel

Thick as Thieves, a novel by Marie Ferrarella

Thick as Thieves, a novel by Pat Quinn; basis for the 1998 film


Thick as Thieves (album), an album by Trooper

Thick as Thieves, an album by Kicked in the Head

"Thick As Thieves" (Cavo song), a song by Cavo

"Thick as Thieves", a song by Dashboard Confessional from The Shade of Poison Trees

"Thick as Thieves", a song by The Jam from Setting Sons

"Thick as Thieves", a song by Kasabian from West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum

"Thick as Thieves", a song by Natalie Merchant from Ophelia

"Thick as Thieves", a song by The Others from Inward Parts

"Thick as Thieves", a song by Peter Wolf from Come as You Are

"Thick as Thieves", a song by Roxx Gang from The Voodoo You Love

"Thick as Thieves", a song by Short Stack from Shimmy a Go Go

"Thick as Thieves", a song by The Summer Set

"(You & Me) As Thick as Thieves", a song by Bang Bang Eche


"Thick as Thieves" (Benson), an episode of Benson

"Thick as Thieves" (Cold Case), an episode of Cold Case

"Thick as Thieves" (Highlander: The Raven), an episode of Highlander: The Raven

"Thick as Thieves", an episode of All About Me

"Thick as Thieves", an episode of Born and Bred

Thick as Thieves (TV series), a 1974 British sitcom starring Bob Hoskins

10. Thick or thin skin? Who me? Depends on the day, the time of day, who I’m with, if I’ve had any food within the previous two hours, if I’ve been drinking, if I like you, if I like myself, if “I’m Bad” by LL Cool J is playing, the weather, the size of my to-read stack, how the heat changes the pigment of your cheeks.

11. Jello shots? No thanks.

12. What do you want to be poured on and is someone going to get impatient waiting for you to come out of the bottle? GROSS

14. Alan Thicke or Robin Thicke? Francis Thicke

15. Someone who lays it on too thick (writer, famous person, someone you know?) Doink The Clown

16. Someone who doesn't lay it on thick enough (writer, famous person, someone you know?)

I googled "Doesn't lay it on thick enough" and this picture was hit #1

17. Favorite pop culture interpretation or representation of slime?

We meet in an open field. U hand me the bk & something else. What is it & why we out here, anyway? - Layne Ransom

It’s a future copy of yr book and we read poems back and forth to each other until we fall down from joy.

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