Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's an XRA?

I love Indiana and bands and Indiana bands. I love Crossroads of America Records, this thump thump love like a good song, not a love song, but like a song that stretches and sighs until it ends, but lucky for me, for you, for us!, there's another song after that and another song after that and another song after that and on and on and on, and we can thank XRA Records. THANK YOU XRA RECORDS, for the years of good output, for the support of several of my friends, for the fun XRA Fests (always around my birthday!), for songs and songs and songs and songs that make me go GOLLY GOODNESS YES.

And guess wuzz?! Their entire catalog is available for streaming/purchase on bandcamp now. HOW COOL.

And guess wuzz wuzz?! Here are my favorite songs EVER from XRA Records artists (no silly order except chronological and noblah-blah-t-gob-talk, just jams man, just jams):

Lighten Up by Rodeo Ruby Love

Don't Change by Husband&Wife

Vacation by orangeyellowred

I'm Such A Creep by Rodeo Ruby Love

Best Man by Canterbury Effect

Everybody Says They're A Little Bit Irish by Canterbury Effect

Confidence by Alexander the Great

Mississippi in Memphis by Chemic

What You've Done Well by Rodeo Ruby Love

The entire album "A Year At Home" by Away With Vega

Invisible Ink by Alexander the Great

Haven't Got A Friend by Husband&Wife

Twin Cities by Frank Schweikhardt 

Josephine by Rodeo Ruby Love

Beast of Joy by Rodeo Ruby Love

Maedchen by Metavari

Market Fresh by Husband&Wife

Proud Flesh by Husband&Wife

Desker by Sleeping Bag

Bare Wood by Bro. Stephen

Tears On Tape by Bro. Stephen

Also, the debut album from New Terrors sounds churningburning on first listen, but I need more time. 

Also also, if this song is any indication, the Prayer Breakfast album is gonna be one of my favorites.

:) :) :) :/

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