Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Link Plop

My skull is kinda whimpy so Im gonna start plopping online goodness I like here, for me, for memory, for maybe others if that is what they are into.

Fear is the greatest motivator of all time. Conflict born of fear is behind our every action, driving us forward like the cogs of a clock. Fear is desire’s dark dress, its doppelgänger. “Love and dread are brothers,” says Julian of Norwich. As desire is wanting and fear is not-wanting, they become inexorably linked; just as desire can be destructive (the desire for power), fear can be constructive (fear of hurting another); fear of poverty becomes desire for wealth. Collective actions are not exempt from these double powers
7.     How do you think the backside of a mirror feels? Think about how lonely that is, to be the backside of a mirror. Or maybe not at all. Maybe it’s a relief. It must be such pressure to be the front of a mirror.

Wayne Koestenbaum, Matt Rohrer, Rachel Zucker In Conversation regarding the domestic 

 Awesome poem by Mark Neely

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