Monday, September 24, 2012

Another link round-up so I don't forget about the goodness I've encountered this week.

My pal Austin Fleming and I have been translating poems into English by the French poet Lili Chamenade. Here is the first one "I Swear!" up at new world poetry.

A new monkey species has been discovered and it's pretty wicked looking.

After reading this article at Wired about Foxconn, the place that makes Apple products, and after re-reading it once I bought my first iPhone a year ago (not to mention a failed attempt at writing poems the plant/situation), I'm really intrigued by this new situation, 2000 workers going on a rampage, forcing the plant to shut down. 

Chris Johnson has been putting this stellar book about what gives atheists meaning and joy in life. Here is one part about "the poetry of the universe:"

Shaun Gannon--cool writer, rad pal, wacky guy--wrote this two-part story + addendum. Love Symbol Press gives it to you here!

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