Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back Again!

Okay okay okay, I'm back, from the trip, back to normal activities (for now), to this blog, something I really want to exist, mainly as a document for me and my poor memory and needy self, so here it goes, another try to stay consistent on this, refocus (a bit I guess), posts about my writing, disc golf, and local events, hopefully three times a week.

This weekend is one I'm really stoked for, First Friday, Vouched Books slinging at iMOCA, with my main dude Christopher, talking small press lit, meeting ppl who like words lots (or wanna give it a try!), then XRA Fest, that big annual wahoo fest from Crossroads of America Records, unfortunately I'll be missing rad Friday stuff like Bro. Stephen (look how much I dig him!) and Metavari (they're slick slick slick) and Mike Adams at his Honest Weight (BOOM), but hellyeah I'll be there Saturday for my first Wet Blankets experience (ha at that phrasing!) and my boy Frank Schweikhardt and Husband&Wife (Indiana's best active band I SAY).

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