Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Sonnets by Ted Berrigan

Wow, I was a dummy in the past, if you've been paying attention you know this, don't you, but here, I'm not talking about my staggering and LOVEFEAR, no, just poetry, and how sometimes I can't read, or read right, like I wanna, like with these poems by Berrigan, when I first read, I thought eh okay and wuzz and get it together man, but I was wrong, totally, they're huge and wild and so important, the mesh of influences, both poetic and LIFE, time running and doing, ever-changing and rearranging, wow.

Here are my favorite lines from this book, yeah I don't know why I'm cataloging my favorite lines, but I am, it feels right:

from VI
"And the green rug nestled against the furnaceDust had covered all the tacks, the hammer...optimism for the jump...The taste of such delicate thoughtsNever bring the dawn."
from XXXII

"A farmer drove up on a tractor
He said he was puzzled by the meaning exactly of "block".
The blue day! Where else can we go
To escape from or tedious homes, and perhaps recapture the past?"
from XXXVI

"                I never thought on the Williams-
burg bridge I'd come so much to Brooklyn
just to see lawyers and cops who don't even carry
guns taking my wife away and bringing her back"
from XLII
"               The black heart beside the 15 pieces of glass
Of my many faceted and fake appearance
The most elegant present I could get!"

from L
"Whatever is going to happen is already happening
Some people prefer "the interior monologue"
I like to beat people up"
"                           at heart we are infinite, we are
ethereal, we are weird!" 

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