Sunday, February 24, 2013


AWP has become an excuse for me to see a big hunk of my writer pals in one place, get super-clocked by awesome readingparties, and wander around and stare at books.

As the AWP rowdy life goes, awesome things overlap and undercut and AHHHH. Here are the off-site readings I'm most stoked for this AWP (and will go to if the world is Nice):

Table X Reading with Ashley Farmer, Tadd Adcox, Aaron Teel, and more!

12 Good Readers featuring Abraham Smith (FINALLY), Heather Christle, Ben Hersey, Scott McClanahan, and 8 more!

Their Peculiar Ambitions: A Night of  Presidential Fiction Readings with Sal Pane, J.A. Tyler, Matt Bell, and many more!

Ink Node Reading featuring Wendy Xu, Zachary Schomburg, Nick Sturm, Adam Fell, and more! 

Sixth Finch and Vinyl Poetry with Matthew Lippmann, Emily Toder, Dan Magers, and more!

I'm So Tired with Ben Kopel, Carina Finn, Matt Hart, and more!

LIT PARTY with Scott McClanahan, Mike Young playing music,  and more!

There's Still Good In You with Jordaan Mason, Gabriel Blackwell, Amber Sparks, Adam Robinson, and more!

Six Party Talk with Layne Ransom, Dean Young, Caroline Cabrera, Bob Hicok, and more!

I'll also be helping Mike with the Magic Helicopter table at the book fair during the day. Come visit, pick up the new issue of Noo Journal or the second edition of The Drunk Sonnets, and be our pal!


I'm sure I'm missing stuff. What stuff am I missing? Tell me what I'll be missing! Still figuring out what panels I'll be going to.



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