Thursday, February 19, 2009

Plant your roots.

Rationale: Around Christmas time, Sara and I started bouncing around the idea of getting engaged this summer with the intention of getting married in the summer of 2010. Earlier this month, we decided to act upon our plan and start shopping for rings. We had no intention of settling on anything in the present, but we found rings that were both in our price range and exactly what we wanted, so on a whim, we ordered them. Though Sara knew it was coming, I flipped my mind to come up with the best plan with the most potential surprise. Lying, apparently, was the only way to go. I told her that we would get the rings, but I would put her engagement ring away until this summer, knowing that her naivety and mildness would allow for such a scheme to work. My plan all along was to propose around her birthday, February 23rd. To make her think otherwise, I told her that I was going to get her a bicycle, which she needs for her new house in the spring. Instead, I made the following "treasure hunt," leading to the ring.

Clue #1: Pump Me Up
Hiding Spot: Under my workout clothes
Present: A bicycle pump

Clue #2: Look At Your Beautiful Self
Hiding Spot: Behind my bathroom mirror
Present: A bicycle mirror

Clue #3: Light of My Life (Picture of)
Hiding Spot: Behind a framed picture of Sara
Present: A bicycle light

Clue #4: Bound Around a Sexy Man's Heart
Hiding Spot: Under Zach's shirt
Present: A bicycle lock

Clue #5: A Wet and Wild Ride
Hiding Spot: Shower room
Present: Her engagement ring with a note "Will You Marry Me?"

P.S. Don't worry. I still plan to buy her a bicycle in the spring.

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