Monday, May 11, 2009


This weekend, I was so busy being a family man that I missed out on blogging, breaking my promise. I am back to reconcile. 


Pastor Lyle asked me on Thursday, "Why do you love Sara?" Woah. Wow. Wowzer. I could ramble on and on with works like "rad," "bodacious," and "Mrs. Cuddlebug," but I won't. I think the best way to answer is with three acrostic poems.

Sneaking in the underbelly of my heart

Accessing worlds untold, my narrow soul

Revolving around unquenchable dreams

All the while you lie next to me

Sexy women passing by wave and shake, but

Are not as beautiful as you wearing that

Red t-shirt and those little black shorts

Asking me about my day, with open ears and arms.

Sara sometimes dances

After she eats too much sugar

Rearing her head back in laughter

Arranging me between

Her and the rest of our lives.

After awhile, we fall

Bouncing our bodies

Every which way,

Gyrating to the ground

Growling and shrieking

Even though we know

Responsibility waits at the door.


Sunday was Mother's Day, and it kind of hit me that I am getting another family, forever. I was born to a wonderful set of parents, with a cast of characters in my family. Now, I am getting another family, beautiful and alive. How wonderful.

Sara's mother is a great lady. She asks me how I am and tells me to be safe. She hugs me hello and goodbye. Sara's mom makes more food than even I can eat, and she always shares with me. She cares so much about her entire family, including me. 

My mother is a special woman. She drops what she is doing whenever I need her. She would give me the world, if it had a pricetag. My mother drives to see me once a week. She still holds me if I need it, but she lets me go if that is for the best. I am glad that my mother is my friend.

How lucky Sara and I must be to soon have TWO wonderful mothers.

I can't wait to cook you dinner, wash your clothes, and make our bed.

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