Monday, June 8, 2009

Late Night Snack

The Cinnamon Apple Crumb Pie sends

a lightning bolt of spice

from our oven

and my stomach thunders a response

in the midnight darkness.

My fresh wife peeks

at her creation

in the baking,


with an extra touch

of sweet.

She smiles

behind her black lace nightwear

as she whispers, “almost ready.”


The pie sizzles

a melody

as it is removed

from its hour singing lesson

at 375 degrees.

The first glimpse

of the crumb topping

penetrates my sweet tooth,




and butter,

baked together golden brown,

say hello.

My knife thrusts

through the crispy crust

and hits the jackpot,

juicy Granny Smith Apples,

deep inside.


Lifting my first bite,

the room’s temperature rises.

I can’t control myself.

I sigh

a compliment,

the clanking fork

on the empty plate.

My wife asks,

“What did you think?”

and I nod,

as we gallop upstairs

for a second slice. 

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