Wednesday, June 10, 2009

World Wide Worship

My first experience with online networking/publishing was on I don't think it exists anymore as the layout was too simple to be cool anymore, and I'm pretty sure I occupied too much of their memory room with my approximately 312 different pages, ranging from music reviews to a middle school eHarmony-type page. How sweet was it to say whatever you want and (possibly) have every literate person in the world read it?

I joined Myspace when I was in 9th grade because my friend, Heather, had an account; she said sweet bands, like Away With Vega, used it. Also, I heard chicks posted pictures of themselves in their underwear on Myspace, so I figured that was a good enough reason.

I started "journaling" on Livejournal around the same time as I joined Myspace. Again, Heather had one and guaranteed me that it was rad. I wrote shitty poetry and tried to rip off my more creative friends' Livejournal posts. I don't think I fooled anyone. Usually, I ended up doing endless surveys that people only skimmed. 

In between, I picked up various blogs and other Livejournals that I attempted to be cool and funny but ended up looking like a major tool. 

I joined Facebook, ultimately abandoning Myspace, around the end of my senior year of high school. I heard college kids used Facebook, and I wanted to be a college kid SOOO bad. Facebook's capabilities, both technologically-speaking and social-wise, blew my mind. 

I started seriously blogging on here at the beginning of this school year, determined to blog of real matters. In that time, I have amassed 6 followers, few comments, and over a hundred posts. Somehow, I'm satisfied.

I tried quitting Facebook, bidding farewell to concentrate on real socializing, earlier this year. I was tired of the old fogeys and the time-wasting. It didn't last more than a few weeks. I missed an event invite to a poetry reading, equaling my return for fear of social outcasting. 

People have talked up Twitter for quite some time. The other day, I decided to try it out. I have no clue what I am doing, but it is a little fun so far.
I'm thinking online, fun is all I can ask for. Seriously.

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