Friday, June 26, 2009

Strange week...

9 Comments about the '09 NBA Draft
1. I wish the Clippers didn't waste five minutes "deciding" on Blake Griffin. In fact, they could have saved aging Commissioner Stern so steps, and the night could have started with the Grizzlies.
2. The Thunder's pick of Harden at 3 surprised me a bit. I would have been intrigued to see Curry play alongside Durant, Westbrook, Green, etc. However, Harden is a NBA-ready player who (I think) can start from day one.
3. Strange move of the night: The Timberwolves selecting three point guards in the first 18 picks: Rubio, Flynn, Lawson. Sure, Lawson is going to the Nuggets for a future first, but if they wanted two small playmakers to play beside one another, I would have thought the obvious choices would have been Rubio and Curry.
4. I cannot believe 5 teams passed on Curry. He fits well in Golden State. The experts seemed to like the fit as well. Did you see the Knicks fans' disappointment, coming up one pick shy of getting Curry? Heartbreak.
5. Tyler Hansbrough is a Hoosier. Well, a Pacer anyways. For his sake, I am pleased that he went in the Lottery for all his hard work and college accomplishments. Whether or not he will be a legit NBA player remains to be seen, but I doubt anyone will be able to accuse him of lack of effort.
6. At the 28th pick, the T-Wolves (Timberfools according to Skip Bayless) selected Wayne Ellington of UNC. Another guard. Of the three picks they are keeping, he seems to be the most NBA ready both in skill and body. Would have been interesting if he dropped to 30th and got to play with Lebron, Shaq, and those other shooters in Cleveland.
7. Two Tar Heels (Brown and Jordan) in the front office with two Tar Heels in the lineup (Felton and May) took a Blue Devil (Gerald Henderson)? What? Hansbrough, Lawson, and Ellington were all on the board, too. What has come of the inner-state rivalry?
8. Best 2nd round picks: Jeff Pendergraph (31st, Blazers), Sam Young (36th, Grizzlies), Jack McClinton (51st, Spurs)
9. What do I think of the Blazers picks? Claver at 22 was surprise, but they wanted a prospect, and they have apparently got it. He can continue to develop overseas before shining in Portland. Their 3 second round picks (Pendergraph, Cunningham, Mills) are experienced, tough, and coachable players who can hopefully develop and work their way into the second unit. The Blazers already have a deep line-up with no key free agents leaving, so it will be interesting to see their roster unfold next season.

Other news:
I met my little brother, Patrick, yesterday in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. I can tell he really needs male attention. I hope I can provide what he needs.

Receptions this weekend in Bluffton (Saturday) and Elwood (Sunday). Sara and I are stoked for several obvious reasons.

It is so hot in this apartment. But we are tough. I think.

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