Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adventures of a Young Married Couple at Their Reception(s)

This weekend, in one 3 day swoop of people, well-wishes, and sun, excited, nauseated, and humbled me. Sara and I realized we were love, we were honest enough with ourselves and others to know people wanted to be around us, but we had no idea how this two day extravaganza dubbed our split receptions would turn out.

I would confidently claim that it was wholly sweet. Yeah, I will say that. People, mostly our families and grown-up family friends, came, saw, ate, gave, hugged, laughed, ate some more, and wished us well.

Our mothers', with help of loving aunts/pseudo-aunts, went overboard with food/decorations. Our fathers', with help from uncles/pseudo-uncles, ate what our mothers could dish out in meat, cookies, cupcakes, and (heaven forbid) fruit. The other people joined in where they saw fit in conversation.

Sara's uncle, my uncle now, Sam, took pictures of both day's activities, being the rad photographer he is. Pictures as a family, pictures eating cake, pictures with my parents' dog, pictures with kissing (gross).

I know many people got to visit with other people (obviously) because of our festivities, and I know we both got stoked about that. Sure, people came to "see" us. But why not enjoy the company of the other brilliant people we know?

My younger cousin, Reid, even snuck his first kiss (assuming) on Sara. Ha.

Sure, some plans didn't work out. Our in-between camping trip, and even improvised Ivanhoes trip, did not pan out as needed. Several loved ones did not make it, due to illness, bad timing on our part, forgetfulness, irresponsibility, or a general lack of care. We ordered about 80 cupcakes too many. But, we are married and (most) people enjoyed our celebration.

Sure, I ate about 10,000 calories in 2 days. And, I am exhausted, thus confused, thus irritable, thus lazy, thus the cycle again. However, I saw two groups of people I can talk to, confide in, laugh with (or at), play with, and celebrate along side. I know my wife is sleeping in the next room, waiting on me to cuddle up in our cool bed. I can guarantee, wherever I go, whatever I do, she is going with me.

Here is "Meditation on the Word Need" by Linda Rodriguez (seems appropriate):

The problem with words of emotion
is how easily meaning drains
from their fiddle-sweet sounds
and they become empty instruments.
I can say love
and mean desire to give—
open-handed, open-hearted—
or I am drawn to the light
shining from your soul—
or my life is empty without you—
or I want to run my hands
and mouth down the length of you—
or all of these at once.

Need, now, is a plain word.
I need a nail to hang this picture.
I need money to pay my bills.
I need air and light,
water and food,
shelter from storm and sun and cold.
To be healthy,
to be sane,
to survive,
I need you.

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