Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marsh Meat Tray, 4 Kinds of Meat, $19.95

Have you heard about it? If you are the meat-buying-eating type, this is your deal. We got two packages of boneless, skinless chicken thighs, 8 hamburger patties, a pound and a half of ground beef, and 5 steaks for a little over $20 after tax. We like meat and we like sweet deals on meat.

Today has seemed extremely long. I don't that is either good or bad. A solid mixture. Botched plans due to rain, stupid venues, etc. No ITFOW release show...yet. No VGR rummage/show...yet. Sara did buy a sweet sunflower at the Farmer's Market. We also ate at Chili's for dinner (thank you Kelly family).

Did some major grocery shopping at Target (thank you lots of family).Target's new food section is pretty cool. Though it is expensive, the Archer Farm brand is one of my favorite. Cool packages, healthier than most, tasty.

I'm going to play disc golf alone tomorrow. Being my second time out, I'm okay with going alone. I need to just fling it around for an hour or two. I do want to find a few partners. Thank you Jaron.

I'm semi-obsessed with my own social life. By semi-obsessed, I mean frantically focused. I'm not sure why. It is dumb. I worry about silly things like when the last time I saw a certain friend or if the person I am hanging out with is having fun or just faking it.

Jesse is still a no-show, no-call, no-text, no-message, no-visit. Super lame. Super frustrating. Super confusing.

I am already on page 190 of East of Eden. Loving it so far. This will be my longest book, by far, that I have ever read. The book I read usually max out at 300 pages. So, East of Eden will be like 2.5 books for me. At least, it doesn't seem like a waste of time.

A few things I love: tennis, bike riding, ice cream, swimming, sunsets. A few things I don't indulge in enough: tennis, bike riding (leisurely at least), ice cream (okay maybe I do), swimming, sunsets.

Zach told me he wants to do stand up comedy. I want to read my poetry out loud to strangers or near strangers. Sara wants to be a pastry chef. We are all afraid of failing.

One lesson to take away from this: everything has its own flavor. Sometimes, you have to get yourself a taste to know if you like it.

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