Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who is up for a quickie?

Helped my best buddy Darrin move to St. Louis yesterday, got home today, too much driving, not enough hangage, sweet hotel though, view of Arch, sweet diner down the road, my head hurts a lot, from all the traffic and loud music, my stomach hurts from the Taco Bell and lack of water, writing this on the toilet, explains why I'm writing like an moron, off to NC tomorrow for a few days with my wife, yeah I'm a married man, finally a honeymoon, more intense long driving, sara wants to drive first leg, we'll see, only going half way tomorrow, Gatlinburg on Tuesday, Concannon's sounds good for breakfast, Sara and I are trying to eat better even on vacation, last two lines are incompatible, I think I like this style, sucks to read I'm sure, not much internet on trip, that can be cool, enjoy nature and each other and ice cream, I swear we're trying to eat better

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