Friday, August 21, 2009

Crowded sidewalks...

I know classes don't start until Monday, but I think summer is over. The gym held more than just that one buff dude with the purple Ipod Shuffle, the chubby Sci-Fi loving attendee, and me. My bike rides through campus have been taking a few extra minutes, dodging dormies with their TIS bags and crooked walks. And only 3 people called me a geek for wearing a bike helmet.

But, the disc golf course was comfortable, like a bowl of Edy's Berry Granola Crunch Frozen Yogurt. Jaron and I played a solid, fun-filled 18 holes. Since he bailed halfway through our last two rounds, we decided to start with the back nine. I love the back nine; I threw some whizzing drives, made a long putt around a tree, and even had a sweet roller with my equally sweet (and new!) KC Pro Roc. Then, oh then, I fell apart. Shattered, like when I dropped Zach's mom's favorite Christmas ornament. (Sorry Kathy). Hole 3 is lame, unless you like swimming in sewage. I was remarking to Jaron how I'd never thrown one in the creek. He encourage me to "whip it from farther back," so I did. The result: the most wicked screw-up shot I have ever thrown, directly to my right, a laser directly towards the creek, and over the creek, and over the recycling center's fence, into their parking lot. I nodded to several 50 year old men in hard hats and reflective vests, before finding my disc, face up and alone. Last disc golf adventure of summer = success (if you call a half round of sweet throwing and a half round of humor success).

Now, I am home with my wife. Still strange. Still rad. We were reading after dinner, so I peeped my new issue of the New Yorker. Fiction piece of the week: "Max at Sea" by Dave Eggers. I'm not sure if it is cool anymore, but I love Dave Eggers. From my understanding, this piece is from his forthcoming novel, "The Wild Things" based on this, the beloved children's book. Good piece with lots of imagery (for us imaginative types) and growling (for us animals). Put it on my looking forward to list.

What else is on that list?

Have Heart Show (Sept. 6)
Campus coming back alive! (Tonight with this trickster.)
Seeing Kyle and Jacob again.
Patrick's birthday (August 28th)

My wife keeps peeking at me. I think she wants to watch a movie together or make sure I'm not watching boobie movies.

School is rad, but so is summer.

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