Sunday, August 23, 2009

I ain't got no 'puter.

Speaking of computers, I like having friends, real friends, like with faces I can see smile and hands that can high-five me (and give me things!) Please, friends, don't abandon me. Although, I will still have you on Facebook.

Speaking of friends, I posed this question to my best of friends: Why has no team signed Marvin Harrison?

14,580 Yds.
128 TDs
Only one gun-related incident
No job.

That is like Toni Morrison not being able to find a book publisher.

Speaking of classics, I bought "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" and "The Color Purple" in paperback at Goodwill today. Cha-ching. We dropped off a sack of pesky wire hangers, high school clothes, and an alarm clock. We decided to stroll in, look for a deal, and bam, Sara discovered those gems.

Speaking of gems, I'm going to bed soon (yes at 10 p.m.) because I am working out early tomorrow.

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