Sunday, August 30, 2009

The world is not an abandoned monument...

Sometimes in life, sweet things happen. Like you are twenty and your girlfriend is twenty, and you look at one another and think, "Let's get married!" So you do it. Get married that is. Things work out in the first 3 months, so that is nice.

Now, summer is here. Here you are, newly married, and you decide not to act dead. You pick up a new hobby or two, like disc golf or maybe bass fishing, (okay not bass fishing) and you try to keep your friends. You still call them, and text them, and visit them, and facebook them, and tweet them, and e-mail them, and cook them dinner. Annoyingly so sometimes.

School has started, and you look back. No one behind you. Then you think, "What a great summer!" Sure, I lost a friend or two and I probably could have accomplished more--you never did learn how to play guitar--but hell, you got married, dude. And you aren't divorced yet.

You feel alright about school starting. You won't see your wife as much, and you will be busy like 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday, eating your meals out of a lunchbag and showering at the gym, but you like that. Or you say you do when people say things like "damn" and "you are a busy man."

You live assured, because you know you and your wife will do cool things together soon enough. And you sleep sounder after a busy day. And you have cool friends and loving parents. And summer will come again.

You know I'm right.

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