Saturday, December 26, 2009

I meant to drive less, but a lot of places are far away.

I'm starting to miss my bike. My long(er) hair would be awesome in the wind.

I'm have been itching to play disc golf, but the bitter cold has kept me away. I should just toughen up and go for it. Side note: I played "Frisbee Golf" on my parents' Wii yesterday. Not very fun.

Now winter tennis (outdoors at least) is not going to happen. I see my best friend less without tennis time.

My new parents are starting to talk "TRIP" again. Last time, it was a monster two week journey to Maine, NYC, DC, Gettysburg, and Niagra Falls. Holy Cow. I've heard everything from Grand Canyon to Oregon to Maine again. They didn't like my suggestions: Canadian wilderness, Texas, and Mt. Rushmore.

My itch to get outside more in the winter has created an urge to begin deer hunting again. I would like to find a way for it to not be terribly expensive. I'm not sure why this is one of my solutions to my "winter itch."

Babble Babble Winter Cold Babble Babble.

I also miss VGR lawn shows. ITFOW, Rodeo, Osteoferocious, Good Luck, Seedy Seeds, Either/Or. Good stuff out there.

Winter walk.

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