Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friend of the Week: Love

Warning: This post will make you cry.

I played in the snow today with my wife. We built a snow fort and ran fast and rubbed snow in each other's faces. I loved that.

Yesterday, I played basketball with my friends Derek and Jon. Derek and I played 2-on-2 with these two other guys. We won like 15-6. I love basketball. That doesn't always make sense.

Today, I finished Facts About the Moon by Dorianne Laux and Unincorporated Persons of the Late Honda Dynasty by Tony Hoagland. I love reading books that make me go uh yeah I'm a human cool .

Jason Williams of the Orlando Magic just split the Celtics' defense and finished with a nice little finger roll. I loved that.

Tonight, I'm watching the Super Bowl at Zach and Sadie's apartment. They said to be there at 5:30 for food. I love when they give me food and let me hang at their house and talk to me. It is like they are babysitting me. I used to love going to the babysitter and playing with other little people like Lynzy.

When people are nice to me, I have this urge to grab them by the body, the whole body, kiss them hard on the mouth, and say I love you but more importantly thank you! Really thank you!

Valentine's Day is coming up, my first as a married dude. My wife works like 4-close. That is funny. I love her, not the holiday.

Warning: I lie sometimes.

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