Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quest for a quest.

I have to start writing a quest for my Fiction class.

My dad has told me a barrel full of stories over the years. I can't get those out of my head.

His friend beating .22 caliber rifle shells with a hammer
A pile of him, siblings, cousins, friends in the back of his dad's pick-up.
My grandpa had a major alcoholism problem.
If you pinched my grandma, she bruised.
My dad lived on a dirt road in North Carolina. If the single outside light went out, you couldn't see your hand slapping your own face.
My dad had a friend that could do back flips off a swing. Another friend used to whip snakes like Indiana Jones, before Indiana Jones, before my dad moved to Indiana.
My dad was a traveling furniture salesman. He had long hair, a handlebar mustache, and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve. Sometimes, Amish families would give him dinner for a discount.
I have an uncle who goes by "Cooter." This has been his nickname since he was a teenager. I don't remember finding out his real name, Kenneth, until I was at least 12.
Cooter sawed the feet off a live duck and burned turtles and chickens with gasoline.

These things could go in my fiction.

I also have ideas about:
Machete mishaps
Training for the World's Strongest Man Competition
Speed Dating
Staying alive when the doctor says you have "x" amount of time to live.
Plans to have an affair
An attempt to make it into the NBA

I don't know.

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