Monday, February 15, 2010

One Who Makes Collages

Issue Seven of The Collagist is up. Oh man. I've been loving this journal.

Mark Edmund Doten's piece started out real refreshing. I was like "this is cool. I haven't read sentences like this. Salamanders in buckets=cool." I only read the first page and a half. My eyes were getting a computer tan.

Nicelle Davis' poem is in 5 sections. I'm writing some poems in 7 sections. Her poem is better than any I have written. "It was a pill the size/of an eye I swallowed/that turned into your son." Wow.

The simple power of the lines of Henry Kearney IV's poem makes me want to post each as a status update. Tyler Gobble The season swallowed itself. Tyler Gobble I still sleep on my side of the bed. Tyler Gobble It means you are human, and have some explaining to do.

Dawn Raffel's non-fiction piece keeps hitting me over the head.

I went back to a few of the past issues
(Woot Woot for Faves. Lolz.):
Ryan Ridge: I told you this in a e-mail. I can't wait for some non-fool of a publisher to publish your The Anatomy of American Homes manuscript.
Sean Lovelace: Did someone say fresh?
Ander Monson: I had never read this piece before, but I'm glad I did. This piece is hard on the heart but nice on the eyes (and language soul). Speaking of Monson, this was the first story I ever read of his.

Seriously, read the Collagist. Seriously, see Editor Matt Bell at the 2010 In Print Festival.

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