Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reading next Wednesday

Some nice professors have asked me to read next Wednesday. Other cool people reading include Joe Cermak and Ryan Rader.

Bracken Library 104, 7:30 pm, Wednesday February 24th.

My wife has to work, so I'll have to find me a hot babe or two for the arms.

She turns 21 the day before this reading. She'll probably leave me for a dude at the bar.

No, seriously. I think this reading will be fun.

Speaking of fun readings....


shaun said...

aw man i won't be in muncie next wednesday. i'll be at home getting my BRACES TIGHTENED ;_;

Tyler G said...

Ah man. You and your braces.

No, it is cool. As long as you don't have anything to be tightened next next Wednesday. (your reading!)

I'm excited.

Have fun with the hotttt dental assistants.

The Me said...

Congratulations, and happy b-day to your wife....have fun, reading.

somebody said...


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