Monday, March 15, 2010

Friend of the Week: Darrin Eaton

Over the past two years, Darrin has become one of my best friends. What does this even mean? I sometimes forget he is actually my Mom's cousin. I always forget that he is old enough to be my dad. When he lived in Muncie, we would ride our bikes around and talk about the books we were reading. For a brief period last summer, we were neighbors. When Sara and I moved into our apartment and hung a birdfeeder in the yard, rivaling Darrin's own birdfeeder, he sabotaged ours with a sticky note saying something like "Attention birds: this food is poison but that food is good -------->" (arrow to his feeder). I thought that was funny. Then I moved him to St. Louis, then back to Central Indiana, then down to Bloomington and I didn't mind at all. The phone is our friend. He is a big dog now, like with a real job and a real apartment. He lets us visit and sleep in his spare room, like this past week. I wouldn't be surprised if we move to Bloomington in the next few years.


Portland's girl. said...

How funny, love the note on the bird feeder. It is funny. Bestfriends are important and it sounds like your family has a good one. Mine is 93-year-old Velma. She and I've been friends for a little over ten years; The last six, we've been so close we talk to each other every day. When I moved away she had a special dinner for us; To give me words of advice, and say good bye. She is so funny, she said to me, "You find friends your own age." It is important to revel in friendships like your family and Darrin. I know, a lot of the time, I thank the heavens, I got to have a constant support, strong and stubborn friend. Thanks for sharing, and listening as I ramble on about my BFF. I call her that all of the time, it makes her feel young, and spry.

Tyler G said...

Ha. That's a funny story. The elderly have a lot to offer sometimes, so I'm glad you are noticing that. Thanks for reading.

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