Friday, March 12, 2010

Things Going On Around Here....

By around here, I mean in Bloomington where I am now and Muncie where I live and Elwood where I used to live and in my head where I wish I lived.

I started The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime yesterday. I know I know, I'm like 6 years late. I'm 117 pages in and I love this narrator like he was my little brother or my younger self or something. Sara said she was jealous, but I'm not sure why.

Tonight, we are supposed to go see Rodeo Ruby Love, Metavari, and Husband&Wife at the Bishop here in Bloomington, but the show apparently costs $10. What!? We are young, married, and just bought happy hour shakes at Steak N Shake. I'd rather spend my ten on a H&W shirt so everyone knows how nice I am.

Spring Break has a weekend left. I am okay with that.

I read quite a bit when I was in Muncie, including some essays by Hoagland and Dobyns about poetry and Ander Monson's poetry collection. I hardly wrote, mainly just edit and submit.

I played disc golf Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Muncie. I was going to play in Bloomington yesterday, but it rained. I was going to play in Bloomington today, but it rained.

My wife is nice. She is napping now. That is nice too.

I want to eat tacos and finish my book and play disc golf and hang out with Luke and Sarah Lucas and my in-laws (separately) and write a poem or two and pay the credit card bill and play on chatroulette and hang out with Darrin and see Scattie and hear about the NCAA selection and sittttttt before school starts again (in whatever order).

First we found fire, then came fear.



Portland's girl. said...

What an awesome post; And, Spring break for me starts next week...AND IS GET THIS like one week. Boo hiss. I am grateful because I could use a few days of sleep. Your life, and wife and living sounds like it is coming up roses. Good for.

Cody Davis said...

The Kool-aid shakes are the bomb. There's a buy one get one coupon in the paper I think. FYI

Tyler G said...

PG- Thanks. Have a good one. Any big plans besides sleep? Thanks for reading.

Cody- I am curious about those, but I'm not brave enough. I got the St/Ban side-by-side. I will check out this week's coupons. We have a whole stack of St. N Sh. coupons since they take expired ones. Ha.

Sarah Lucas said...

I read the same book over the summer. Did I let you borrow it or something? I would like to hang out with you too but not if it means that I have to pay 10 bucks to get in to a show. I still owe you food. I've seen Husband and Wife before. I think they know Aaron. Blah, Blah Blah. You're welcome.

Tyler G said...


Nope. It is our copy. We got it at a booksale (imagine that!). That show was last night, and luckily my buds in Rodeo got us "on the list" which is as cool as it sounds. Ha. Maybe we can get food sometime this week or next weekend. I wish you were here now to talk to me about your problems while my head hurts...really.

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