Monday, March 1, 2010

We're all chickens.

The weather is breaking?

Spring Break is almost here. Bloomington for a few days. Hopefully some disc golf and maybe some bike riding. Reading, like Inconceivable Wilson by J.A. Tyler and Ever by Blake Butler. Hanging with Sara, with Zach and Sadie, with Clark, with IU people, with family, with Frank (?). That all should be nice.

My first drafts of poems are usually crap. Something like "My soul aches for your bosom" or something comes out. However on Saturday, I wrote three first draft poems that I would be comfortable sharing in public. Weird.

My dad likes Clint Eastwood. So does the New Yorker.

I was shown the game Apples to Apples recently. I liked that. Sara plays a dumb way where you have to convince the judge to pick your card. I say Let the card do the talking.

Many of my friends are saying things like "Ah! Mid-term week" and "I'm so busy." I'm not busy, maybe I forgot something. Hangout with me.

Thank you.

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