Friday, May 7, 2010

A(nother) Week For Words!

On the same day, a new issue of ESPN the Magazine, this month's Poetry, Descriptive Sketches by Nate Pritts (Thanks Pank!), and Adam Robinson's Say, Poem came in the mail. I couldn't believe it!

I got my first two interview assignments for the Collagist, in conjunction with the next issue. Woah!

Also, the new issue of Ball State's Ball Bearings Magazine came out recently. The cover has Dan from The Bonesetters, which is cool.

Last night, I read at Village Green Records with some cool people, like Jeremy and Cody. Everyone was really nice, and I think I took my shirt off only once. I bought The Burden of Love and Sin by Cowboy Angels.

I just had my last actual final, Spanish at 8 am. Woah. I think it was okay. I'm okay with okay.

People are leaving, but I hope they'll email me their words, write their words on my Wall, blog their words, call me with their words, text me their words. I like these people's words.


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