Sunday, May 16, 2010


A few months ago, I realized something that should have been obvious far earlier: ponytails are cool. There is something both refined and rebellious in a sweet ponytail. Being both refined and rebellious myself, as well as sweet, I decided to grow a ponytail.

Recently, my activities have changed (biking again, along with disc golf and tennis), making the long hair a big hassle. This past week, my attempt at a ponytail became too much, involving incidents with bugs in my hair, snot in my hair, and neverending sweat in my hair.

So tonight, I gave up on my goal. This is as far as I made it:

Little did I know, a mishap with my sideburns would leave me looking much like my 18 year old self:

I can't say I'm not sad to give up on this goal. But, I know tomorrow when I am biking through campus or throwing a disc from the teepad, I will be glad to have made this cut.


A.C. Ford said...

This blog post indicates that you do not wear a shirt for 2/3 of everyday.

Nice hair.

Tyler G said...

Haha. I wasn't going to wear one for the third picture either, but my boobs were cold.

Thanks. Sara cut it.

Tennis this week? Maybe Wednesday?

A.C. Ford said...

Sara is a good wife/barber.

Tennis would be great Wednesday would be greater.

Tyler G said...

She is something else!

Well, I look forward to Wednesday. Hopefully, the rain stops being dopey. Also, I'll text you tomorrow to schedule this for realz.

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