Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Notes While Reading The Collagist Issue 10

I got a shout-out in the Letter!

µ π {0} > ∑ ® ∫ ∑ by Kevin Kaiser: As this story snowballs, things get heavy (both in subject matter and as I can imagine, weight): butterfly, god, streetlights, colors. Things also get complicated. I'm really looking forward to the interview.

Husband and Wife by Jennifer Pieroni: Would I appreciate this story as much if I weren't married? The off-the-page stuff here is great.

There Is This Woman Who Gets Me What I Need by Andrew Richmond: What a good example of showing: simple sentences all focused on an action (or some cases inaction). Still, there is deep tension here. I am fascinated by that.

Do Not by Matthew Roberson: Another great example of the power of brushstrokes: we know what happened without being told what happened. Also, the white space in this story is so functional.

Dog River, Alabama: Father's Elegy by Carroll Beauvais: Woah. What an attention grabbing first line: You leave the urn like exhaust from a tailpipe. The images here are so strong: the wobbly speaker, the red visored mother bobbing in the water, the ashes.

Detritus by Michael Lauchlan: This is a good mix of narration and sound. Look for my interview with Lauchlan on the Collagist blog early this week.

Body Sewn Together with Twine and a Dull Needle by Sandy Longhorn: I love love love the white space, the indentations, the way the form has a function. Look for my interview with Longhorn on the Collagist blog early this week.

Review of Light Boxes (Shane Jones) by J.A. Tyler: This review captures everything that can be right in a review: informative while still insightful, well-written while still honoring the original text, opinionated without being over-forceful. An enjoyable review to read: GASP.

I'm lucky to be a part of this great publication.


Cody Sean Davis said...

I'll have you know your blog comes up first on Google when searching: "You leave the urn like exhaust from a tailpipe."

Oh hey, not sure about the disc golf question. But I'll ask around.

Tyler G said...

Ha. You googled it? Funny. I wish the Collagist came up first.

Okay. I was just thinking if I played an Indy course again, I could double up and visit you!

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