Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friend of the Week: Cody Davis

I'm so stoked
Cody is alive.
He is a cool dude.
Last night, Sara and I
went to his birthday party
met his family
saw tattoos going on flesh
ate handfuls of fruit
saw our pal Cody.
The first thing I noticed
EVER about Cody
was his flannel shirt.
The second thing I noticed
EVER about Cody
was his nicccccceness.
Those extra c's stand
for things like
Cody writes poems sometimes.
You can see some of them here.
Cody has tattoos of musical notes.
One day, I heard Cody slapping
bass at Ryan Rader's house
and woah, that was cool.
I think I danced.
I think I took off my shirt.
Cody is one of those people
I like to be where I am
when there is music
or people reading poems.
I hope Subway hires him soon.
He would love that!
I hope to see Cody again soon.
I would love that!


Elysia Smith said...

You probably did take off your shirt.
And Cody is a cool dude.

Tyler G said...

Ha. I am sure I did. I am sure you are sad you missed it.

Natalie said...

Cody is indeed cool and I know I'm sad I missed it.

Tyler G said...

Haha. I'm glad someone is honest, Natalie!

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