Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friend of the Week: Todd McKinney

Honest here, I've never quite been sure how to deal with this friendship. This guy is my professor, my faculty advisor for the Writers Community, my (um) mentor. But, also, this man is geniunely nice to me, like nicer than most people, like nicer than everyone sometimes. (I'm not complaining, man, so many people are soooo nice to me, Todd just rules niceness sometimes.) Example 1: Just now, he stopped by here (The Writing Center..shhhh) to say hey. Example 2: He takes his time, amongst a life of literary work, teaching, being a good dad/husband, running, etc., to talk to me, to listen to my muddled thoughts, to listen to me make stuff up sometimes. I'm not sure why he does this. Example 3: He's given me free access to his bookshelf. Well, besides his sweeeeeeeeeet top shelves (signed books, first editions, specialz). He has a manuscript version of Hoagland's Donkey Gospel!!!!! But yeah, he says, here borrow this, read this, learn this, be cool. I'm trying! I'm trying!


tdm said...

You obviously haven't spoken to any of my enemies! And thanks for the, well, very nice, shout-out.

Tyler G said...

You deserve it!

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