Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Thoughts On The NBA Draft

John Wall #1? Duh. Draft Calipari point guards (Rose, Evans, now Wall).

Gordon Hayward at 9 to Jazz, first real suprise of the draft for me. However, looking closer, it seems like a great fit. Kirilenko is not what he used to be as a starter, and Hayward's versatility is just up Coach Sloan's philosophical alley. Pacers would have taken him at 10, I bet.

The Thunder acquiring Cole Aldrich was a big deal. Also, smart of them not to keep Eric Bledsoe.

I'm very disappointed in the Trailblazers trading Martell Webster and firing GM Kevin Pritchard (look at this team he's put together!). I love the pick of Elliot Williams, athletic combo guard just what they need.

The Heat have only TWO players on contract for next year. If keep Wade, get to big free agents, they could be serious contenders in a year or two. Same goes with Chicago. Imagine Derek Rose next to two superstars.

I made a joke on Facebook responding to the NBA's question of who would have the best career of the rookies this year. My answer: whoever the Spurs pick. They picked James Anderson, and though it is doubtful he will be the best, I think he will be yet another great late pick of the Spurs (Hill, Parker, Ginobili, Blair).

Best NBA draftee name: 6 foot 10 inch 302 pound Tiny Gallon.

Boston took Luke Harangody. Another Big Baby Davis?

I'm kind of sad I didn't get to watch the whole thing (7:30 am Spanish class). I have this odd love for the NBA Draft.

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