Friday, July 9, 2010

Friend of the Week: Disc Golf

A year ago today, I played my first round of disc golf with Jaron and Cory. WHAT A DAY! I was throwing 75 foot drives, missing 6 foot putts, and Cory hit his first ace ever on hole 18 (that is the last hole of the round!). With a Champion Leopard nonetheless. I was throwing a crappy starter Leopard that rolls away if I even look at it. MY EYES WERE DISCS, MY DREAMS WERE DISCS EVER SINCE.

This week has ruled my mind: Aaron got his first ace (he was confused about the basket placement to begin with!), I've played rounds with like 8 different people ( I NEED YOU ALL!), Zach barely missed an ace (he has only played like 9 times! EVER), and I missed some 6 foot putts again! I'm driving better than ever though.

Speaking of better than ever, I got my Destroyer (see picture) back on Wednesday. A month ago, she went for a swim in the river and wouldn't come out. Somehow, somehow, somehow, this dude found it and called me and said hey come get it and didn't even want a few bucks for a recovery fee. Good job nice guy!

I'm not playing today, though. VON'S WITH TODD! But tomorrow, Sara and I are stopping by Matter Park in Marion to throw a round. Disc golf saved my marriage.

I love you, disc golf.

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