Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friend of the Week: Kyle Broyles

Kyle has a face really, but dude doesn't have facebook (currently). Pictures are super hard this way, and I suck at having photos of my friends tucked neatly into my computer. Kyle also has an apartment, and it is right over there. I'm pointing across the yard. Seriously, I can see his door from my back porch. Watch out! Kyle had a full stomach last night and lots of manners as my wife made delicious chicken enchiladas and peach cobbler. I'm excited for more neighborness. Kyle once had a secret admirer named Sara Habegger. Yes, that's my wife! I'm dealing with that. Somehow they knew each other as children. Kyle and I went to shows together (ITFOW, AWV, etc.) as teens and now we hangout at watch cool movies or see shows at VGR. Kyle has a friend in me.


Kyle B said...

It was really strange to scroll onto an old picture of myself on Google Reader. Nice surprise. Thanks dude.

Tyler G said...

I think it's from your twitter. I need to take some pictures of you. I hope you are enjoying the new place. Glad we are hanging again.

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