Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life Goes Into Words

This weekend is going to be cool. Friday: Savage's with Sara and Jeremy; Osteoferocious and CaddyWhompus at VGR! Saturday: Disc golf in the morning; Family Reunion at night. Sunday: Big 4th of July show at VGR, featuring Cowboy Angels, Timbre, and Small Wonders, amongst others.

My pals in The Bonesetters are playing an awesome show on July 12th.

My dear friend Elysia Smith has a nice piece up at Elimae. I was privileged enough to see a few drafts of this, and really this final is something coooool. I'm proud of my friend.

Collagist contributor and my Facebook friend, Sandy Longhorn, has a poem at Glass: A Journal of Poetry. Look at that ending!

Speaking of cool poems by people I know, Mark Neely, my professor and fellow Muncie Disc Golf player, has a cool one at Juked. I'm super looking forward to my classes with him this Fall: The Broken Plate class and "Collages, Remixes and Readymades: Experiments in Creative Writing."

Speaking of disc golf, how did it take me this long to find this awesome dg essay by the killer Ander Monson?

Speaking of disc golf again, I'm not doing so hot lately.

Speaking of hot, here is a picture of my wife.

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