Friday, July 2, 2010

Not quite the zing

Elimae is the journal that sends me the nicest rejection letters. In honor of that, I'm reading their July issue (and because they are one of my favorite places for wordz.)

15. by Rufo Quintavalle makes me feel smarter (doesn't every poem? no). And, I had no idea where it was going: the turn after "To be something less than dead" was killer.

My favorite things from each of these poems by Lysette Simmons:
1) "I lead a life that likes the fact that I lead it."
2) "I'm bent double, throwing/up into a box/I made myself."

Do I have to say it again how much I love Elysia's story? Okay, I love it like this -----80-8-8-8-8-8-0-08-8-7fogofgogf. That's symbolism.

Alex Cigale translated 9 poems by Velimir Khlebnikov and I was hooked when things spilled from the tote bag onto the floor.

Eugenia Leigh's poem "Portraits of Holy" does some cool things. One, it is a section poems, which are COOL. Two, it talks about saying "I love you" as a gift, and it's not lame at all! Three, this stanza: A real live tiger and teeth/studying a human who bends into its face/to read the dog tag, which says,/Yes, really.

Shapard and Thomas have done a flash/short short/sudden fiction collection of Latino writers? Cool.

Tension tastes good in Joseph Rippi's "I Am." What a heart stopping line here: "I stared down the barrel to Old Farmer Ed's open mouth and checked the safety." The ending tailed off a little for me though. I want something more than hearts and wet eyes.

This Brian Beatty character is something else. This tiny little poem is heavy like a coffin. I know Beatty can be funny too, like these jokes.


Inadequate Brunette Indie Sweetheart said...

cool to see elysia's thing on elimae.

i have also experienced their very kind rejection letters, heh.

Tyler G said...

I'm so proud of Elysia.

That journal rules so much. I keep trying, maxing out my 2 subs per month.

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