Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tattoo Ideas

1) "We are clouds, and terrible things happen in clouds" from Dean Young's Frottage; probably on my side; am I a big enough Dean Young fan for this?; epigraph for one of my favorite collections: Donkey Gospel by Hoagland; Clouds around the letters/behind maybe.

2) The Away With Vega man from the cover of recovery (see below); probably on calf or low maybe my chest; no band name with it though; probably wouldn't hurt much since it wouldn't be filled in, I'm told; maybe cheapest too?; favorite band tribute

3) Disc golf basket (see below); just logo like on Aviar putter; probably calf; have I been a disc golfer long enough? More importantly, am I good enough?


Jeremy Bauer like coke said...

I'm gonna get a bullet tattooed on the side of my head to see if I get more Christmas presents.

I still like the cloud idea, but this is definitely something to think big and hard about.

Elysia Smith said...

I agree with Jeremy. I like the cloud idea but keep thinking. And the only person who can answer your questions about, "am I...?" is you.
Good luck!

PS. Jeremy, you might also think of those black tear things. You know, the ones that signify how many people you killed from an opposing gang. Never underestimate the power of intimidation.

Tyler G said...

HAHA. Nice ideas for Jeremy's attention-seeking.

I would like to talk to you both more about this.

I'll count your votes.


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