Thursday, September 16, 2010


Tuesday, my bloof book pals Jennifer L. Knox, Shanna Compton, and Peter Davis invaded Ball State. My good pal Cody Davis got to kick off the reading with some of his hard hitting short poems. People laughed, people bought books, people talked to me. Three things that make me go WOAH.

Great things are happening for the Bloofers. They are on the road right now for their new books. Shanna has a new chapbook that is a pretty little thing and is a teaser for her new book out early next year. Jennifer tore down the house with her "slam poem" from her sweet book A Gringo Like Me. Also, it was great to hear her read from her new book, The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway. Those neat pages are sitting on my shelf, waiting on things to slow down. And Pete, oh Pete, with another reading from his new book Poetry!Poetry!Poetry!, delivered his usual stuff, a heartfelt, funny, and cool reading. They all ruled it for real.


Then last night, I was still reeling from all that coolness and Sara and I drove down to Bloomington for the evening to see No Age (along with Osteoferocious and this other band I won't talk about because I was bored and don't remember anything.) Osteoferocious, besides being pals of mine and having a sweet band name, do some pretty mean No Age-influenced jams, short, clanky, and fun. They real brought it last night. And then, No Age, I mean really, oh really, these guys, with their electronics, and their lead singer-drumming, front and center. IVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT HONEST. Their first full-length just rules and I listen to it regularly and the minute I got the Facebook event invite I RSVP'ed. (SCHOOL NIGHT WHAT?) BUT I HAD NO CLUE WHAT I WAS GETTING MYSELF INTO. One thing I can't get out of my head is the confidence and the complete control they showed, especially the drummer/singer, seeming so flawless, so smooth, yet so intensely insane, while managing to howl and buzz his vocals the whole time. And in between songs, he would stand up and talk to people in the crowd or just laugh and joke. I RESPECT THAT MAN. They have a new album coming out September 28th (Shame on their label for not letting them bring it with them), and the new songs sounded so killer. Oh MAN I CANT STOP. WONT STOP. BYE.

- I have some words to say about the new elimae and also a Kim Chinquee story at Vouched.
- The new Collagist is out!
- Next weekend is my birthday weekend and The XRA Fest. DANG.

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