Sunday, September 19, 2010


1. Blogging explodes words, but why, ain't like the pressure is so high on the Internet, we can all keep cooling nice and fine on Facebook or Craigslist or whatever, right? Sometimes, we gotta scrapbook ourselves, like little collages with our faces and brain maps. Sometimes, we are soooooooo right and everyone has to know! Sometimes, we make friends and blogging is for friends (and others). Todd is blogging now, dishing out some cool links, and Ashley is on a 30 day challenge, where you can find some cool pictures of me thank you very much. These are two cool people and I'm glad to see what they have to share.

2. Yesterday at Hyde's Bookstore, I spent too much money on Who's Who Vivid by Matt Hart, Saying The World by Peter Pereira, Vacationland by Ander Monson, Actual Air by David Berman, and Notes Of A Native Son by James Baldwin. Yikes, my bad on the money dropping. But holy cow, who sells these gyms to a used bookstore in Ft. Wayne IN? Someone who loves me a lot a lot, that's who.

3. Don't buy your friend a bottle of old-fashioned root beer and put it in the trunk.

4. Sacha Baron Cohen is playing Freddy Mercury?

5. Here is one of the first I'm So Stoked poems I ever wrote:

Ode To A Deer

I’m so stoked
you are alive.
I’ve never killed
one of you, but
it is certainly
on my to-do list
and today I’d like
to cross it off.
I’ll give you a head
Really, go.
Your blood is something
I need on my hands.
I know
it’s not fair
but I will catch you
and kill you
and eat you.
I can do this.
I am a human.
I have guns
and ammo
and camo gear
and you are just a deer
with a white tail
I can see
from a mile away
especially with my high tech

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