Sunday, October 17, 2010

On Communication

My Interpersonal Communication professor didn't explain assignments very well and went all grumpy dude when everyone wrote WTFJ? in a parade of emails. His name was Josh. I had a Josh moment the other day when I was yelling about the remote or the lack of cheese in this apartment or the disc to cloud ratio in the sky over the weekend. Oh sorry, you just didn't get the memo. I wish someone would have told me four years ago how easy being happy was. I don't need an how-to manual, I need people with voices that say calmly, I can't love you like that, but I can love you like this. Cool? Let me mold my voice to say, HEY LORD YOU THERE? I NEED LONGER ARMS PLEASE AND EARS LIKE FUNNELS IF YOU GOT SOME. Listen: I'm going to hug the world and let it talk about it's weekend until we all sleep satisfied.

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