Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4 Fists Coming Out With Knives Good Knives

1. Admission: when I write in all caps, I don't use the caps lock button.

2. It's NBA time and while some might not think this matters, I assure you it does to me. Lakers are playing the Kings right now and Kobe just threw down an oop. NICE. Tomorrow is Blazers/Thunder at 10:30. I gotta date with my couch, yes.

3. Speaking of the NBA, these commercials are pretty funny.

4. Spur of the moment grabbed Words For Empty, Words For Full by Hicok at the library. Loving this dude lately. Challenges me as a human being poet. Read the first four poems and they seemed to bite.


chet pomeroy said...

i've slowly come around to commercials. and yeah, that new adidas campaign is pretty legit. my current cable package however isn't. i just want to watch clippers and okc tonight, but it ain't happening.

A.C. Ford said...

Hicock is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Tyler G said...

I'm very particular about commercials too, actually tv in general. Anymore, I only watch basketball, Grey's Anatomy, and some Family Guy reruns that aren't that funny anymore. Sorry to hear about your lack of tv fun. We only get TNT and ESPN as far as NBA showing networks. Man I'm stoked though for the games they've been showing lately.

Good to hear. For a while now, I'm always stoked and quick to read his stuff in magazines. However, today, I saw his new book on the shelf at the library randomly, and went for it, though I should probably be reading other things. We'll talk about this soon. Glad you like him.

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