Friday, November 5, 2010


Like my first Vouched Satellite post at Smalldoggies Magazine. I get to talk to and about one of my favorite indie writers, Mike Young. Also, he let me post a piece of his work that I'm all about lovin'.

Like the Matt Hart/Michael Meyerhofer reading next Tuesday. I love Matt Hart's Who's Who Vivid and am shaking to get his new book. I've heard nothing but good stuff about his reading style. Meyerhofer is a sweet poet and reader, so will be nice to see him again. Also, a soon-soon-soon-to-be-determined Writers Community member will be opening this event.

Like the State Champion/Learner Dancer show on November 14th in Indy. I've been itching to see State Champion again and sing along and pick up their record. I've also been wanting to see my old pals Mitch and Landon in their new band, Learner Dancer. THIS IS PERFECT FOR THAT. TWO BIRDS ONE CAR RIDE.

Like the Jackalope Wars Release Party/Reading on November 17th. This is to get pumped more and more about Jeremy Bauer's chapbook. Jeremy asked my new friend Lindsey and I to read. SWEET.

Like Stoked Press. In addition to Jeremy's chapbook, the reading, and the great response thus far, we have a blog now, a gmail account, and some super secret future plans, which may or may not include recipes or my voice or LOTSA LOVE.

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