Wednesday, November 17, 2010


- Just got back from the reading with Jeremy and Lindsey. Layne hosted. What a killer trio of pals right there. Layne did funny intros, like mine was about Mac from It's Always Sunny... and people think I look like him (OKAY I CONCEDE THAT I DO), and people cracked up, like YEAH HE DOES TOTALLY. It was Lindsey's first reading, and she did a nice job, with a couple truly well-written stories. I think this was probably my best reading, definitely in terms of pieces, also my longest, also my Mom's first time to see me read. My mom knows I curse and has a vague idea of how I talk in my poems, but I was worried about her seeing me do that in public. She was a sport and took me to Greek's and it was good (GRILLED CHICKEN PIZZA SHELL). Jeremy ruled too, with some stuff I haven't read or don't remember and some cool new stuff and some fun stuff from the chapbook. Sold some books which is always nice. Village Green Records (TRAVIS SERIOUSLY RULES) was so sweet to host us, and I saw a few people buy things which is awesome. The crowd was not huge, but tidy and sweet and comfy and beautiful and friends. When people who don't "do" poetry come, it's a nice feeling. When professors get babysitters to come, it's a nice feeling. When friends keep coming to these events, it's a nice feeling. Overall, I think it was a radical time, though I wish there was an after-party.

- If I were still 16 year old Tyler, I would be rockin' out to this stuff right now. Taking Back Sunday TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS LINEUP OMG DUDEZ. 22 year old Tyler listened once.

- Todd and I were talking about Steve Orlen today, poet and teacher, and then I find out he died. It's got me shakyweird because Todd just introduced me to him. Tony Hoagland, Orlen's former student, had a nice essay over at H_NGM_N about Orlen.

- I'm making a Christmas list, per my two sets of parents' instructions. Orlen's Selected Poems is definitely on the list now. Also, Matt Hart's Wolf Face, some more Dean Young books, and Stevens' Collected on high on the book list. Also, I'd like a subscription to Pank I think. They do good work. I'm also really wanting some new jeans. I have like three pairs that I dig and they are wearing out. Also, my awesome comfy warm socks have holes, so they are on the list. I don't think this matters.

- What do you want me to blog about?


shaun said...

Blog about writer's community!

Tyler G said...

HA. I need to blog at the Writers Community blog, but my bloggin' self is getting stretched thin.

You should write a blog post about your time in the WC to post over at the WC blog.

Also, I'll try to take your advice with some future posts, probably about readings or reflections.

shaun said...

I would totally write a blog post about my time in WC. Is there anything you'd want me to address?

Tyler G said...

Well we could do an interview, or you could just freewrite, maybe about what it means to you as a now-fancy MFA dude or your favorite memory. Or whatever. Just let me know.

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