Monday, November 15, 2010


Tomorrow night, I'm reading for The Jackalope Wars Chapbook Release Reading with Jeremy Bauer and Lindsey P LaVal at Village Green Records, Muncie's coolawesome indie record store. I've seen a lot of cool bands there over the past what six years, and I'm pretty nervous of reading there (I read outside there at the end of last school year). OH YEAH MY MOM IS COMING ISN'T THAT SWEET?

Here are some awesome bands I've been exposed to because of VGR:

State Champion: Oh I might have passed up seeing them again last night in Indy, but yes, they are great. Start and stop southern rock n' roll fun. One of the best live sets I've seen inside VGR.

Sleeping Bag: Saw these dudes play inside VGR last night, instead of the State Champion show in Indy. Real fun, energetic set.

No Age: Obviously didn't see them at VGR, but I have bought both No Age albums there. GOOD GOOD STUFF.

In The Face Of War: I didn't see them first at VGR, but the best shows I've ever seen them play have been outside on the VGR lawn: darkness, loudness, shoutness.

Caddywhompus: For such an experimental, exciting band, they play together so well and with the BSU campus as a backdrop, it was a really cool thing seeing this two-piece jam.

I'm missing lots and lots of cool bands.

I hope I can do this history justice a little bit please.

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