Friday, November 12, 2010

A Relationship Is A List Is A List

My friend Megan Betz introduced me to listography the other day, and while I've yet to create one (OH IT WILL HAPPEN AND BE WILD IM SURE), it's been on my mind. I organize my mind in a bunch of lists all the time, like to-do list and friends lists and book lists. Here some that've been bouncing around.

MFA programs I'm planning to apply to (I don't think these are in any particular order):
1. Houston
2. Indiana
3. University of Texas-Austin
4. Virginia Tech
5. Alabama
6. Baltimore
7. Purdue
8. Arizona
9. Bowling Green State
10. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Some songs stuck in my head:
1. Truth by Chiddy Bang
2. Fever Dreaming by No Age
3. Red Cross Fever by Husband&Wife
4. Thanks Given by State Champion

A few cool recent moments:
1. Gaga dance party at Be Here Now/Halloween Dance Party at Be Here Now
2. Matt Hart Reading
3. The other day playing basketball when I didn't suck real bad
4. Watching Point Break with Ashley
5. Every episode of Grey's Anatomy that Sara and I ever watch together

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