Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Independent Study Book List

So, I'm super stoked for this opportunity to read some good first/early books and put together a sort-of manuscript, as I prepare for grad school.

Todd and I decided on the booklist this week. Here it is:

*The Man Suit by Zachary Schomburg: Still, I haven't read a Schomburg collection, though I love practically everything I've seen in journals. Excited to see how it all started.

*Four of a Kind by Mark Neely: Saved this one for the class. Neely is my professor, and I think the concept behind this chapbook is great. Excited to see how the poems are.

*Legend of Light by Bob Hicok: Not technically his first book, but an early prize winner for Hicok. Stoked to see his early work more.

*Smiles of the Unstoppable by Jason Bredle: I love Magic Helicopter Press, and though this is Bredle's third book, I wanted it on the list, as MH is a press that I would be interested in submitting to.

*The Cow by Arianna Reines: This list, I know, is dude-heavy and that's a little unfortunate. Hopefully, this suggestion by Daniel Bailey will help.

*THE SLEEP HOTEL by Amy Newlove Schroeder: Winner of the 2009 FIELD Poetry Prize; the contest looked real cool, and the sample poems were nice.

*Sweet Ruin by Tony Hoagland: Though I've read this before, I wanted a chance to study Hoagland's first book with Todd.

*The End of the West by Michael Dickman: Another I've read, but I love this book and I can't say why, so I wanna explore it more.

*The Situation of Poetry by Robert Pinsky: Todd wanted to add a prose-on-poetry book, and since this is Pinsky's first, he chose this one.

I'm excited for this class so muchhhhhhhh.


Jeremy Bauer like coke said...

i would also recommend the wackalope jars by beremy jauer

Tyler G said...

Haha. That's excellent.

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